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You may Get Banned by Google AdSense Due to Duplicate Content

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How to Avoid Getting Banned by Google AdSense Due to Duplicate Content

Attention Adsense Bloggers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duplicate content is dangerous for you as it decreases your Google Ranking and you may face Duplicate Content Penalty as Disabled Adsense Account

 Attention web bloggers Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more search engines watch your websites and blogs for copyright or duplicate content  and gives you ranking on their search engines. If your website or blog contains 100% original genuine and knowledgeable content than your ranking should be on 1st page of search engine. So bloggers and web publishers STOP PIRACY NOW.

 Copyright violation is strictly punishable act as per Google so when Google finds any website, Blog or Forum violating copyright policy then they punish them by removing their website, Blog or Forum from their search engine ranking and If these copyright violating platform use Google Adsense to monetize their website, Blog or Forum then Google Adsense disable their Adsense Account. 

 So to avoid all these sort of problems one should need to say BYE to Copyright violation or Duplicate Content Posting. Always try to respect others content and not take part in any sort of violation, Overall message of is say BYE to Copyright violation or Duplicate Content Posting.

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Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

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Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

If we see overall Google Adsense is is one of the best Ad serving network, but if your Google Adsense disable your account or due to any other reason, if you want to select any other ad serving network then we provide you below the list of best adsense alternatives.
Given below is the list of top 10 Google Adsense alternatives- 
  1.  Revenue Hits
  2.  Adversal
  3.  Propeller Ads Media
  4.  Pop Ads
  5.  Infolinks
  6. Tribal Fusion
  7.  Chitika
  8. Yllix Media
  9. Amazon Associates
  10. Native Ads
top 10 adsense alternative
This is the list for adsense alternative on the basis of my best search on internet and  I personally signup on these networks and see that these networks really work amazingly. So enjoy as web publisher and make money online from these ad serving networks.

Top Ad Serving Networks Links
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Google Adsense High Paying Countries List

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Top 10 AdSense Highest Paying Countries

Google Adsense is one of the best paying network for showing advertisements on websites, youtube or any system which shows advertisements. Generally people target their websites for high paying countries to earn more through adsense. In maximum cases for maximum keywords web publishers get more payment from developed countries as developed countries pay more CPC as compared to developing and undeveloped countries. 

Given Below is the List of Developed Countries

 Norway  Italy
 Australia  Spain
  Switzerland  Czech Republic
 Netherlands  Greece
 United States  Brunei Darussalam
 Germany  Qatar
 New Zealand  Cyprus
 Canada  Estonia
 Singapore  Saudi Arabia
 Denmark  Lithuania
 Ireland  Poland
 Sweden  Andorra
 Iceland  Slovakia
 United Kingdom  Malta
 Hong Kong  United Arab Emirates
 South Korea  Chile
 Japan  Portugal
 Liechtenstein  Hungary
 Israel  Bahrain
 France  Cuba
 Austria  Kuwait
 Belgium  Croatia
 Luxembourg  Latvia
 Finland  Argentina

Google Adsense High Paying Countries List

List of Top 1 to 50 Countries List of Top 50 to 100 Countries 
United States  Ghana 
Norway Mozambique 
Australia   Jamaica 
United Kingdom  Zimbabwe 
New Zealand  Hungary 
South Africa  Brazil 
Canada  Armenia 
Netherlands Tanzania 
Sweden  Rwanda 
Switzerland  Trinidad and Tobago 
Denmark  Lithuania 
Germany  Ukraine 
Belgium  Chile 
Singapore  India 
Nigeria  Taiwan 
Kuwait  Panama 
Japan  Poland 
Ireland  Dominican Republic 
Finland  Costa Rica 
France  South Korea 
Luxembourg  Zambia 
Malaysia  Uganda 
Austria  Congo 
Hong Kong  Jordan 
Israel  Morocco 
Iceland  Argentina 
Slovenia  Mexico 
Slovakia  Macau 
United Arab Emirates  Thailand 
Italy  Iraq 
Qatar  Namibia 
Botswana  Colombia 
Estonia  Monaco 
Spain  Ethiopia 
Bermuda  Croatia 
Cyprus  Kazakhstan 
Russia  Angola 
Czech Republic  Bulgaria 
Puerto Rico  Philippines 
Greece  Azerbaijan 
Saudi Arabia  Cameroon 
Albania  Peru 
Oman  Turkey 
Latvia  Algeria 
Portugal  China 
Lebanon  Georgia 
Kenya  Uruguay 
Bahamas  Indonesia 
Malta  Belarus 
Bahrain  Romania

  If you think you get benifited by my work then share and like my article so other publishers also get benifit of top Google Adsense High Paying Countries List.

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Highly Recommended Webpages To Earn Money From Internet

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Most Visited Posts Of Our Website “

These are most visiting posts of our website and these posts are highly recommended by us to earn money from internet. We provide our best and updated knowledge to get start earning money from internet but earning is different for different people as understanding level of all human beings is not equal so take risk according you as we are not responsible for any sort of problem. Internet is big resource of knowledge and opportunities, you take a step to grab them according your thinking and your level of taking risk. Lets start earnings from internet by working from your home......

Below are most visiting post to earn money from internet:

Many of the sites on internet are fraud so be careful to get start. Do not give any sort of payment to earn money from internet. Some websites says to participate in their program of "earning money from internet"  or "work from home" by paying some money. about 99% percent of sites like this are fraud so be careful.
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How to earn money from mobile apps

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Creativity is the great thing in this world, you earn lots of money with your creativity. Just think about great ideas about your app like games apps, adventure apps, photos and video collection apps, brain challenging apps, apps for websites, apps for blogs, apps for your ideas, apps for your creativity, etc. If you have good command on android (or microsoft windows and ios) app building then build your app otherwise create your app with the help of professionals in the field of app creation. Try to build your application for all platforms like android, windows and ios etc. 
If you do not want to spend money in the starting then create your apps with the help of internet - as there are so many software and online websites which create apps for you free of cost. and also try to create apps from these tools for all platforms.

Earn money from your creative apps

After you create your apps, upload your apps to app sharing sites. here is the list of " List of top ten mobile App search engine - these search engine provide you apps of all mobile platforms " top ten mobile apps platform are appszoom, appshopper, getjar, appolicious, uquery, google play, apple ios, microsoft windows, blackberry app world etc. many of these store provide free apps and many provide apps for purchase. upload your apps here - many site need your registration fees and many are free. after uploading app - monetize your apps with adds, there are so many site which monetize your apps like goggle adsense. Now advertize your apps so people know about your creative work. there are so many sites which advertise for you like google adward, bing adds, entireweb adds etc. Now you get good response or money for your work if you create great app. All you done, now try to improve your app time to time and provide updated version of it. You read this article at workfrom9 blogs   if you like our post then share it with others on social media sites like google plus, facebook and like our blog.
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What is adsense And How To Make Money From Google Adsense

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Ways To Make Money From Google Adsense

What is adsense

Adsense is a program to earn money from Google

What is needed to earn money from Google

Create your website, YouTube account and monetize it with Google adds

What is Monetization

Showing google ads in your websites, apps, blogs, and YouTube videos is known as monetization

How Google Adsense works

Google take ads from peoples, organizations and advertizing agencies via Google Adward and show these ads on its search engine, blogs, apps, YouTube videos via Google Adsense

How to monetize websites

Just create Adsense account and verify it to show Adds on your website.

1. First create your Websites, Apps, Blogs or YouTube videos which you like.

2. Then Create a Google Adsense Account.

Create a Google Adsense Account
Create a Google Adsense Account

3. Now Login with your Gmail A/C or Sign Up via Create a New Google Account

Get Started With Google Adsense to earn money by work from home
Get Started With Google Adsense

4. Now enter your Website url and select your Language and click on Continue.

Enter Website where you want to show Adsense Ads
Enter Website where you want to show Adsense Ads

5. You done all, Enjoying earning money from google adsense.

If you like our guideline than like and share this post.
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